2020 Ford Mustang

The 2020 Ford Mustang, while nothing’s changed on first look, it’s a whole different story than the previous. Ford didn’t focus on changing the look or design of the car, they focused on technology, and all of the things that technology brings to the table is very surprising.

Older Mustangs were more a straight line monster, while the 2020 version of it, will blow your mind with it’s handling and the straight-line power.

They focused on downforce, to make the car as agile as possible while being as powerful as it is. It’s easy to drive and it’s very predictable. You won’t need to drive with the constant fear of the car doing something weird and unpredictable while you’re in a corner, you can take corners with ease, and comfortably step on the power without the risk of it turning on you.

It’s really quite impressive what Ford has done with the new 2020 Mustang. The car is as stylish and iconic as ever, but with a lot more ability to drive. Once you sit in this, you’ll just want to keep going.

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