Advancements in the 21st Century: Self-Driving Cars

A popular show for children — the Jetsons — is a cartoon, which is based in futuristic times, where people travel in space ships and regularly interact with robots capable of understanding speech and providing realistic responses, began airing in the early 1960s.

It is remarkable that, in 2020, a mere 60 years after the introduction of the Jetsons, it is possible to purchase self-driving cars. One of the major features of the self-driving car includes the multitude of sensors used to evaluate the surrounding environment of the car and make decisions for appropriate driving based on environmental analysis.

The control system of this car allows for the determination of the most appropriate route to the destination. Most self-driving cars have the option for the driver to take over and drive manually.

The self-driving car is an astounding innovation that the Jetsons never even thought of — after all, they still had to drive the spaceships.

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