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Trucks are big in size and worth the extra money to buy. Buying a truck takes a little dedication for those that are interested. These trucks have astounded people who give them a chance so far. ‘

The trucks have been sold to buyers who want to try something new. The cargo space is a big draw for anyone on the market. Trucks have been an impressive addition to many dealerships for a while. That will add to the reputation of a long list of car dealers on the market.

Take advantage of select deals aimed at people buying a truck. The automotive industry has wowed people with what is in store for them. These Trucks have been sold to buyers who are fascinated by great deals. The Trucks are marketed to people who want to work and play with the vehicle. That adds to the fun factor and keeps buyers interested.


Tesla is a brand name that has truly pushed the limits of technology. It is owned by Elon Musk, a CEO who continues to make a good impression among observers. Investors are waiting to see what lineup Tesla opts to release next. Elon Musk is a talented leader and his team has a vision for future technology. See what new cars are arriving on the market each day. The Tesla brand name is a popular one among a lot of customers.

The price tag for Tesla cars will be an important factor to consider. Most customers will be ready to buy automotive models from the Tesla brand name. But they want a reasonable price when they shop around for offers. The Tesla vehicle is an important new car to buy over time. Check for great sales offers and price reduction deals. The sales staff are waiting to make an offer possible.

2020 Jeep Wrangler

Jeep fans are going to be pleased with the latest selection out on the road. The 2020 Jeep Wrangler is set to make a good impression so far. True fans are ready to give the vehicle a test when they get a chance. Dealerships carry the 2020 Jeep Wrangler and want to make a definitive impression. That makes the vehicle a popular choice for new car buyers. See how the 2020 Jeep Wrangler is changing the automotive market sector so far.

Safety is a top priority for the 2020 Jeep Wrangler. The development team focused on the fundamentals behind the safety design. That explains why it is already an award-winning vehicle to choose.

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2020 Toyota Sequoia

The 2020 Toyota Sequoia is set to impress a new generation of car buyers. Drivers can give the vehicle a test and see how it will perform. The 2020 Toyota Sequoia has already wowed critics with its performance and style options.

The full-size SUV has everything that car buyers want to try. That adds to the appeal and makes it a top family SUV for the road. Interior space is plentiful and ample cargo room will change perspectives on the SUV.

The vehicle has already passed initial safety inspections out on the road. The 2020 Toyota Sequoia has helped people learn more about the specifics. The V8 engine measures about 5.7 L and offers a lot of speed.

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2020 Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 of 2020 is going to make a revolution in the electric cars industry. Using the innovation of the electric engines, the workers and engineers of Tesla are trying to make the world a better place, where the electric technology is going to surpass the traditional one. Their final objective is the total annihilation of all the engines that uses gasoline to avoid the contamination of the environment and save the human race of its own destruction.

The 2020 Tesla Model 3 will have 3 versions of the same model, the Model 3 Long Range, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus and lastly but not least important, the traditional version, Tesla Model 3 Standard Range. The main difference of all these versions, is the speed that the model offers, for example, the upgraded version counts with 270 horsepower and the traditional one counts with 258. Keep Reading

Most reliable car under $30,000

Buying a car can be tough as its price can be very high. But there are some cars that are way cheaper. Here is the list of some of the reliable cars under $30,000.

1) Mazda3 AWD
Consists of 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, 186 pound-feet of torque, 186 horsepower and six-speed automatic transmission. Mazda sedan starts at $24,000 and AWD hatch starts at $29,820.
2) Jeep Wrangler
If you love nature then the four-wheel-drive would be the choice. Consist of Pentastar V6 engine, 285 horsepower, 260 pound-feet of torque and six-speed manual transmission. The price starts at $28,045.
3) Hyundai Veloster N
Consists of a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, 250 horsepower, 260 pound-feet of torque and six-speed manual transmission with automatic rev-matching. The price starts at $26,900.
4) Honda Accord
Consists of a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, apple car play, android auto, wireless charging and several other technology-based items. The price starts at $23,720 and the sports version priced at $26,180.
5) Subaru Forrester
Consists of a 2.5 liter flat-four engine, 182 horsepower, Eyesight system and cross-traffic alert system. The price ranging from $28,795 to $29,590 depending on the package you take.

Popularity of Jeep

Jeep is the word known for everyone in the Earth since childhood. I think each man in the world dreamed about this vehicle at least once or twice. This is an absolutely recognizable automobile brand.

Since its first appearance during the Second World War popularity of Jeep has never declined. This brand had different owners and have never failed.

During the last several years, we can see the increase in the popularity of Jeep. In 2007 happened a boost of sales thankfully to the Unlimited Wrangler four-door model. Also, significant growth of sales (14% growth in a year) was in 2017 – over 190 thousand cars were sold and during 2018 over 195 thousand were sold.

Such big popularity of Jeep is possible because of a number of factors. The company’s promotion in the bigger number of markets and countries, increasing model lineup, the general growth of SUVs demand.
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How to Maintain Your Car’s Resale Value

I have seen a lot of cars and trucks in my lifetime.  It was part of my job as a car salesman to observe and evaluate the condition of customer’s cars.  Through experience, I got a “feel” for the trade-in value of cars.  Cars that had been well maintained, mechanically and cosmetically, were valued hundreds, even thousands of dollars more than the same make, model and year of cars that had been neglected.

This article will tell you how to maintain your car so that when it is time to sell or trade it you will receive the maximum value.

Guideline#1:  Clean the exterior of your  car – wash, clean and wax.

Keeping the finish of your car clean from bird droppings, dirt, chemicals and acid rain, cleaning the exterior at least twice a month will minimize any damage to its finish.

Guideline #2:  Buy and use auto protective sprays to protect and preserve the exterior vinyl (plastic) trim.

Armor  All Outlast is an excellent product for this purpose.  Use Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover to remove tar and bugs from body panels and bumpers.

Guideline #3:  Keep interior clean and shiny.

Try to avoid getting scratches in the dash, doors and instrument panel.  Here are some examples of protective interior sprays:

Armor All(tm): Interior Detailer Spray and Armor All(tm): Outlast Interior Restorer Cream.

Vacuum upholstery, carpeting and mats.  Use Turtle Wax: Power Out Upholstery Cleaner to remove stains and dirt from fabric and leather seats.  After vacuuming, wash and dry floor mats.  Use car carpet cleaners to remove dirt from carpeted mats.

Another very important consideration when maintaining your interior is to keep it smelling clean.  There are numerous auto deoderants available to keep the interior smelling clean and pleasant.  Avoid smoking inside the car as cigarette smoke is a major deterrent to potential car buyers.

Guideline #4:  Dings and Dents

Have exterior dings and dents repaired by an auto professional before selling or trading-in car.

Guideline #5:  Keep the car in good “running” condition.

Have the oil and filter changed every 3000 to 4000 miles.  Keep fluids at the proper level.  Periodically check all belts and hoses for wear and replace when necessary.  Replace spark plugs at 105,000 miles or check in owner’s manual for your car’s time table to change spark plugs.  Any unusual noises or vibrations should be investigated.  Of primary concern are noises emanating from the engine, transmission and suspension system.

Guideline #6:  Have minor issues resolved before they turn into major problems.

Major problems equal major expenditures.  By keeping up with small issues you will avoid spending a lot of money on repairs “down the road.”  I know some people prefer to fix their own cars in order to save money.  I advocate this if you have the time available to do the work and if you know how to professionally repair your car.  But, most people realize that many mechanical problems require the use of diagnostic computers that pin-point the problem, and this can only be done at the car dealership.  Minor problems can be repaired by a trusted and reputable repair shop.

Guideline #7:  Keep your alloy wheels clean and shiny.

Before selling your car, have scratches and dings removed by professional alloy wheel re-conditioners.

Guideline #8:  Keep your lights clean.

There are special cleaners such as Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer, that give your lights that “new car look.”  For “very clouded” lights you can go to repair shops that can recondition the light bezels (covers).

Guideline #9:  Maintain records.

Keep all repair bills, oil changes, parts bills, emission reports, history of ownership and title documents.


These are simple guidelines to keep your car properly maintained.  A well-maintained car runs smoothly and looks great, which equates to a car that, when ready to sell or trade, will command a considerably higher resale value than a similar model that has been neglected.  If you follow the nine guidelines laid out in this article, you are virtually guaranteed the highest resale value for your car.

Happy Motoring!

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