Quick Review of The Anxiously Awaited 2020 Ford Explorer

Ford has always been living up to its reputation with its SUVs and this new 2020 Ford Explorer isn’t an exception. However, while it comes with new exciting features, there are a few things you may not like about it.

Features that will get you excited
The SUV comes with increased passenger space and cargo room. You’ll appreciate these two features when taking your family out for a family picnic especially when your parents are also involved. It also comes with the following safety features.
• Pedestrian detection feature
• Blindspot information
• Lane-keeping assistance
• Backup camera

Its rear-wheel-drive platform has been re-engineered for easier towing and better handling. The headlamps are brighter for late night trips and for early morning fog. In addition, there are new driver assistance features. Also, you’ll love its 8-inch display unit on the dashboard.

Things you may not like
The interior materials do not befit such a luxury car. You may also not like the fact that it has just 2USB ports.
Overall, it’s still a fantastic automobile. It can best be described as home on wheels.

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