Routine Car Maintenance

A car is a complex electromechanical machine with a large number of electrical, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical parts. Over a period of time, these parts can get damaged or dirty and they have to be repaired, replaced or cleaned.

Most car owners do not realize that a part is malfunctioning until the performance of the car is affected. They can prevent this problem by taking their car for Routine Car Maintenance periodically. During the maintenance, the car mechanic will examine the various parts of the car, especially the engine, to find out the condition of these parts using the testing equipment available.

There are many parts in the car which are made from rubber-like gaskets, seals which may get damaged over a period of time. These may have to be replaced to prevent leakage of fluid. Similarly, the filters may be clogged or not be working, and they may be replaced during maintenance. The dents in the car may also be fixed.

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