14 Cadillac High Tech Safety Innovations Of 2020

Cadillac vehicles have taken the automobile world by storm. The engineers at Cadillac have worked together to create some of the best high tech safety and comfort innovations for their 2020 line up. Let’s get into the details.

  1. The Super Cruise™ System

This is one of the industry’s safest and most innovative hands-free driver-assistance features available today. This hands-free driver module is for use on limited-access freeways.

The system uses precision LiDAR mapping coupled with a state of the art driver attention system. These features are paired to a network of radar sensors and cameras.

Once you activate Cadillac’s flagship Super Cruise mode you will actually be able to take your hands off the steering wheel while the vehicle handles everything on its own. This way, you will be able to really enjoy your cruise in style. Initially available with the CT6 last year, the technology is now being offered in the Cadillac’s XT 6. Eventually, the company plans on offering it with every vehicle in its lineup.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) System

The newest Cadillacs have an excellent emergency braking system that can help alert the driver to any potential collisions. It can also limit the severity of the accident by automatically applying emergency breaks, even if you have not been able to do so yourself. Apart from that, the AEB system can also enhance the power of the brakes under the driver’s control. You can find many AEB equipped Cadillacs if you are in the market for Huntsville used cars.

  • High Definition Rear Camera Mirror

The rearview camera available with many 220 Cadillac models allows for 300 per cent more vision in comparison to the standard rearview mirrors available with other brands.  You will have the option to use a more traditional inside rearview mirror, or you can use this camera display in your mirror to retain a wide and unobstructed view of the traffic behind you.

  • Safety Alert Seating System

Many of the new Cadillacs have a driver’s seat that is equipped with subtitle vibrations on both the left and right sides of the seat. If there is any danger from a specific direction, the seat will vibrate and warn you of a potential collision.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) For Highway Drives

The ACC system is capable of automatically adjusting your vehicle’s speed in order to maintain the pre-selected following gap between your new 2020 Cadillac and the vehicles ahead of you. This way, you will be able to take preventive measures well in advance, in case other vehicles come too close to your Caddy.

  • Head-Up Display (HUD)

This is a full-colour and fully reconfigurable display that projects important information on the windshield and makes sure that you are fully aware of the environment outside the cabin of your automobile.

  • Anti-Lock Brakes

Apart from the AEB system, most Cadillacs are also equipped with the ABS brake system. These brakes are capable of automatically sensing when a tire has started to skid. That is, it has stopped moving due to extreme braking pressure. If this happens the vehicle can fishtail out of the control of the driver. ABS braking systems will modify the brake pressure in order to ensure that the tires are able to rotate in spite of full brakes being applied at a very high speed. This will increase the vehicle’s ability to turn while braking hard. In short, it allows the driver to retain control of the vehicle regardless of the driving speed.

  • Stability Control

The Stability Control (SC) system can automatically sense whenever the vehicle’s maximum handling limits have been exceeded. If it is going too fast to retain its road grip, this system will automatically reduce engine power and apply selected brakes on different tires.  This way, the vehicle will slow down, and the driver won’t lose control of the automobile.

  • Front-Impact Airbags

All of the vehicles in Cadillac’s current lineup are equipped with front-impact airbags for both the driver as well as the passenger sitting in the front seat. The core purpose is to protect the head during a head-on crash. The airbags deploy from the dashboard and the steering wheel within microseconds of detecting a crash and they cushion the head and neck of the front seat passenger and the driver. It can help prevent potentially grievous injuries.

However, it is imperative that both the driver and the front passenger should have their seat belts on whenever the vehicle is in motion, otherwise the airbags can cause whiplash injuries.

  • Overhead Airbags

Overhead airbags are an excellent safety feature available in many Cadillac vehicles. They function as air cushions to protect the heads of the occupants in case of a rollover event or even a full-on side collision.

  • Knee Airbags

These airbags are a very useful but often overlooked safety feature available in Cadillac automobiles. They help to protect the automobile’s passengers’ legsHealth Fitness Articles, feet and thighs from any sort of serious injury in case the car are involved in a serious accident.

  • Side Impact Airbags

These airbags are available for sale in many cars for sale Huntsville AL. They have been designed for the express purpose of protecting the back and torso of the passenger during any sort of side impact event.

  • Seatbelt Pretensioners

Seatbelt pretensioners are a fairly recent innovation in the automobile industry and they are now a standard feature in many Huntsville used cars.  They are designed to automatically tighten the seatbelts firmly in order to place the passenger/s in the ideal seating position during an accident.

  • Built-in Immobilizer Security System

Most new Cadillacs are equipped with a cutting edge ignition disabling device that is designed to immobilize the vehicle completely. It works by preventing the engine from starting in case anyone tries to use any key other than the correct one provided by the company.



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