2021 BMW i4

The 2021 BMW i4 is a highly anticipated fully electric sedan. BMW is gaining a reputation for having some of the nicest and most luxurious electric cars on the market with the i3 hatchback and the sporty i8.

But what they’ve been missing is a normal-sized sedan for the people who prefer a car with 4 seats that looks excellent. The 2021 BMW i4 will be a major competitor in the full-sized electric sedan market. As of right now, all anyone has seen of the 2021 BMW i4 is some concept art, some leaked pictures and videos of a prototype driving in the snow. The car is likely to cost around 50,000 dollars which are typical for a luxury sedan of this size, so people in the market for a luxury sedan may be tempted to go electric when they see the 2021 BMW i4.

The concept art we’ve seen so far looks very futuristic and cool so it is likely that we will see a bunch of these things on the road when they finally do come out on the consumer market. Now, In regards to the specifications of the actual vehicle, the electric motor is said to be able to put out 530 horsepower which is insane. What many people do not know is that electric motors are actually more torquey than traditional combustion engines so performance fans are likely going to have a great time with the 2021 BMW i4.

The interior is said to feature all the luxury upholstering and trims that other BMWs are expected to have, and the dashboard will have all the amenities and options that modern cars can come with. From the concept photos we’ve seen, the interior looks just as futuristic as the exterior. All in all, The 2021 BMW i4 is going to be a gorgeous luxury car that looks and performs like something from the future.

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