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2021 Honda CRV AWD

The 2021 model year for the Honda CR-V does not bring significant changes. Customers should expect more of the same. Overall, the 2021 Honda CRV AWD version will be the same as the 2020 model year when the Japanese manufacturer introduced an exterior facelift.

Engine and Transmission

For the AWD model, Honda is using their VTi-S system that makes use of a 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine that delivers 189 HP or 140 kW. Despite have reasonable power, the CR-V is a heavy vehicle and it does not feel like a sporty drive in any shape or form. It is suitable as a daily driver and family car especially with the CVT automatic transmission that comes as a standard for AWD models. A reasonably specced 2021 Honda CRV AWD model should weigh about 3500 lb which is not a lot. The power to weight ratio is decent but the AWD system makes it accelerate slower than what most would expect if it were to be compared to an FWD version having the same 140 kW transmission.


The interior of the Honda CR-V has been refined starting with the 2020 model year. Unlike most European manufacturers, the infotainment system is properly integrated into the central console and it does not stick out, obstructing a portion of the windshield. It has a lower position that allows for two air vents to be placed right above it. The driver instrument cluster is now available with digital gauges that are split amongst 3 small screens instead of using a single large screen like most german manufacturers like to use.

What is important to note that Honda retained physical buttons for the AC system, seats, and volume. Most users complain about manufacturers using touch-sensitive buttons or completely removing buttons. For the 2021 Honda CRV AWD, the Japanese automaker decided to still use physical buttons for their practicality and tactile sensation that simply makes them more practical.

The gear selector is placed right beneath the infotainment system but still has that slightly elevated position as in the 2020 model. Being an automatic, having the gear selector so elevated does not do much in terms of practicality but it leaves the storage area around the armrest more open and easier to use.

As for the overall build and construction of the interior, the 2020 Honda CR-V AWD model is no different than any other Honda. It uses soft-touch materials for most surfaces that you would touch often and a leather steering wheel. There are hard plastics used on lower areas such as the door panels but those surfaces are not meant to be touched constantly while driving.


As far as tech goes, the CR-V offers everything one would expect from a 2021 car. It has auto-emergency braking, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, 360 cameras, parking sensors, and all the bells and whistles that enabled it to get a five-star safety score in the ANCAP safety rating. The ones that are not used to driving larger cars such as the CR-V should rest assured as the 2021 Honda CRV AWD model comes with self-parking as standard.

14 Cadillac High Tech Safety Innovations Of 2020

Cadillac vehicles have taken the automobile world by storm. The engineers at Cadillac have worked together to create some of the best high tech safety and comfort innovations for their 2020 line up. Let’s get into the details.

  1. The Super Cruise™ System

This is one of the industry’s safest and most innovative hands-free driver-assistance features available today. This hands-free driver module is for use on limited-access freeways.

The system uses precision LiDAR mapping coupled with a state of the art driver attention system. These features are paired to a network of radar sensors and cameras.

Once you activate Cadillac’s flagship Super Cruise mode you will actually be able to take your hands off the steering wheel while the vehicle handles everything on its own. This way, you will be able to really enjoy your cruise in style. Initially available with the CT6 last year, the technology is now being offered in the Cadillac’s XT 6. Eventually, the company plans on offering it with every vehicle in its lineup.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) System

The newest Cadillacs have an excellent emergency braking system that can help alert the driver to any potential collisions. It can also limit the severity of the accident by automatically applying emergency breaks, even if you have not been able to do so yourself. Apart from that, the AEB system can also enhance the power of the brakes under the driver’s control. You can find many AEB equipped Cadillacs if you are in the market for Huntsville used cars.

  • High Definition Rear Camera Mirror

The rearview camera available with many 220 Cadillac models allows for 300 per cent more vision in comparison to the standard rearview mirrors available with other brands.  You will have the option to use a more traditional inside rearview mirror, or you can use this camera display in your mirror to retain a wide and unobstructed view of the traffic behind you.

  • Safety Alert Seating System

Many of the new Cadillacs have a driver’s seat that is equipped with subtitle vibrations on both the left and right sides of the seat. If there is any danger from a specific direction, the seat will vibrate and warn you of a potential collision.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) For Highway Drives

The ACC system is capable of automatically adjusting your vehicle’s speed in order to maintain the pre-selected following gap between your new 2020 Cadillac and the vehicles ahead of you. This way, you will be able to take preventive measures well in advance, in case other vehicles come too close to your Caddy.

  • Head-Up Display (HUD)

This is a full-colour and fully reconfigurable display that projects important information on the windshield and makes sure that you are fully aware of the environment outside the cabin of your automobile.

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2021 Ford Bronco

The 2021 Ford Bronco is expected to be released and made available for purchase come Springtime of 2021 while towards the end of 2020 people will be capable of ordering their brand new Ford. However, the Ford Bronco Sport will be available even sooner. This soon to come vehicle will continue to be an off-road 4×4 that has the ability to ride on any terrain. For those speed demons out there, the Bronco has been raced-tested for its EcoBoost turbocharged engines that give you the motivation to step on the gas when off-roading.

There are also multiple models to choose from when they are made available so that you can pick the model that suits your style. The Base model has a starting price of $26,660, the Big Bend model is a bit more updated with a starting price of $28,160. The Outer Banks model comes with a different interior and exterior altogether with the same abilities as a Bronco Sport, this vehicle contains a starting price of $32,160. The Badlands model is better equipped and is among the most durable Ford Broncos out there that has a starting price of $32,660. Lastly, the fully reserved First Edition model has a starting price of $38,500.

There will be two types of 2021 Ford Broncos released aside from the listed models. There the Ford Bronco and the Ford Bronco Sport. The Ford Bronco is durable itself but purchasing the Ford Bronco Sport allows for more ability to hit the road.

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Car Buying

Buying a new car is always a great experience, but choosing the right type and model to purchase can be very troublesome. If you like larger vehicles or simply want a family car, an SUV would be a wonderful choice for you, the newer the model the better, we’ve listed the top 5 best 2020 SUV models that are simply perfect for any average family man, without further ado, here are the latest best-ranked SUVs that are currently available for sale on the market:

  1. 2020 Honda CR-V
  2. 2020 Mazda CX-5
  3. 2020 Kia Sportage
  4. 2020 Chevrolet Equinox
  5. 2020 Ford escape

These 2020 SUVs come with every quality you need to ensure the safety and comfortability of you and the passengers, they also have a very large cargo volume to satisfy all your storage needs, all these vehicles can be bought for less than $35000 dollars so they are great affordable investments to consider for the long run.

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Car Buying Tips

Buying a car is an important investment. Following a few simple car buying tips can make the process much easier. Here are a few things to remember while you are looking for a new car.

#1 Shop Around

Always taking the time to shop around is essential in helping you get the best deal. Doing your research in advance is also a good idea in helping to make the process easier.

#2 Focus on Purchase Price and Not Monthly Payments

Many car dealers offer very attractive monthly payment options that are attached to a significant long-term loan. Keeping in mind the total price of the vehicle is important to avoid making any financial mistakes.

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