Dodge Ram 2021

This car will start production between September and October this year, so its presence is very close, even this summer. Now it is difficult to know when and where it will be, taking into account the great delay that each of the marketing departments of the different automobile brands has.

This is due to the health crisis we are going through, along with the cancellation of all kinds of events related to this since the beginning of the year.

So, if before we had a large number of possibilities to make the presentation, in these months we found the opposite, the absence of these events were to present the new models of the brand. Initially, the expected date of presentation was in June 2020, coinciding with the Detroit Auto Show, which due to the urgent facilities of a field hospital, could not be held.

Of course, the debut is expected to be around the same time, that is, between May and June. Production should start in late summer, that is, between September and October.

Considering the previous model, RAM Rebel TRX Concept some differences must be highlighted. We are talking about the raised suspension system, fairly wide axles and pneumatics large enough to accommodate oversized wheels. On the bottom, they have protections with a metallic material, a new more aggressive front with a different bumper and grille. A fairly bulky hood with the entrance to the is at the top.

But the most important variant that we have to point out is the adaptation of both the features and the design of the most current generation of the car.

Initially, two versions were going to be released, but the first one was eventually canceled. This is because the motor is less powerful than the second case. In this second case, the configuration will resemble the Jeep Grand Cherokee, or what is the same, 717 horsepower with 875 Nm of torque at most, which is associated with a ZF original torque automatic transmission.

Inside the car, we are going to see a dashboard somewhat changed from the previous model, it has a table with specific instruments and a selector for driving modes also with all kinds of specific programs, as has become clear in leaks that have been coming out of it.

In the first model that was in mind, I was going to mount an atmospheric type 7.0 HEMI engine with a power greater than V8 HEMI 6.4 liters of FCA category, but less than the second model that is in mind and that is the one that is going to leave.

So this second model has a 6.2-liter V8 Hellcat power, which we are going to find under the hood of our new model, with this it will be greater than the engine of the first model as we have previously mentioned.

In conclusion, our new model is expected to start being produced in late summer, early autumn, that is, between September and October. For this reason, it should have been presented at one of the automobile events that occur within the United States, but due to the current health situation with the pandemic, it could not have been possible, for this reason, the possibility of presenting it on next year in late spring.

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