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Winter Car Maintenance

5 Things You Need to Do for Your Winter Car Maintenance

Winter car maintenance is vital if you want to ensure that your car is safe to drive. Some of the maintenance work you can do on your own but for other tasks, you may need to request the help of a car mechanic.


1. Check your coolant


The first thing you should check is your coolant. Coolant gets diluted in time, making it more likely to freeze. There are special devices that can tell you at what temperatures your coolant freezes and based on that measurement you can add more coolant or a 50/50 mix.


2. Check your car battery


The battery is the second most important thing that you need to check as part of your winter car maintenance checklist. Colder temperatures slow down the reactions inside the battery and if your battery is already weak, it may even cause your engine to be unable to start. If you noticed that your engine is sluggish to start, your battery might need to be replaced. You should also have a technician check the health of your car battery.


3. Get winter tires


The next thing on your list should be tired. If you do not have winter tires, you should consider getting new ones. Driving with summer tires during the cold seasons is a bad idea. The rubber on summer tires hardens when temperatures get low, making them unable to maintain grip. Winter tires do not have this problem and they will make your car much safer to drive during the winter.


4. Check your brake fluid


Your winter car maintenance checklist should include a check on your brake fluid. Brake fluid can absorb water and if that happens, it can start to boil in the hose section close to the braking rotors. When the brake fluid boils, you will have gas or water vapors building up casing your brake pedal to have no effect or very little when pressed. In the winter, there is increased moisture and humidity in the atmosphere thus it makes sense to ensure that your brake fluid is in good condition in preparation for the winter.


5. Consider an oil change

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